List of Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers | Updated Stars 2024

List of Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers Updated Stars

There are over 100 million TikTok celebrities from all around the world. The usage of TikTok is increasing among people of Pakistan, most of them making videos to get fame. Because Pakistan has seen many Tiktoker stars get viral through this social media. Because there are no other social platforms like Onlyfans to upscale their content. Pakistanis get viral and started working for print media and television. Pakistani are obsessed with the TikTok social app, and the everyday number of users is increasing on this app.

A list of 70 Famous Pakistani TikTok Influencers / Stars / Celebrities with their Usernames as below:

71. Ayesha – Mano Oyee Ayesha

Ayesha (Mano) is a Famous Lahori Girl whose video got viral when she was dancing at her friend’s wedding. She was dancing on song “Mera Dil yeh pukaray aja”. This video got viral on Social Media, she became a sensation overnight after her famous she instantly started her youtube channel now she is uploading content on her youtube channel.

Ayesha Mano Tiktok Username: @oyee_ayesha

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70. Sunny Jutt

Sunny Jutt is a Pakistani Tiktok Star, Vlogger, and Funny Content Creator. He is famous for his Funny English accent. He is from Gujrawal and uploads Tiktok on a daily basis.

Sunny Jutt Tiktok Username: @sunnyjutt1296

69. Mujtaba Lakhani (@mujtabalakhani123)

Mujtaba Lakhani is a Pakistani Tiktok Star, Vlogger, and Funny Content Creator. He was born on 22 September 1994 in Meller, Karachi and he is 29 Years Old in 2024.

68. Zunair Kamboh (@zunairkamboh)

Zunair Kamboh is a Pakistani Travel Vlogger, and Tiktok Star. He Love to Create Content on the Beauty of Pakistan. He is also running a Tourism Company which offers tours within Pakistan.

67. Sahil Faisal Butt (@m.sahilll )

Sahil Butt is a Pakistani Singer, Content Creator, and Tiktoker from Gujranwala, Pakistan. He Mostly creates Sad Emotional content on his social platforms.

66. Anmol Noor (@anmol_noor1)

Anmol Noor is a Beautiful Pakistani Content Creator, Beauty Model, Fashion Girl, and Tiktok Star. She uploads her beautiful pictures on Instagram and Facebook account.

65. Ali Jutt (@ali._.jutt900)

Ali jutt is a Pakistani Singer, Content Creator, Volgger, and Tiktok Star. He has very viral on youtube and gets thousands of views on a daily basis.

64. Iqra Gillani (@i_q_uae)

Iqra Gillani is a Pakistani-UAE Model with Tiktok Account. She is very viral on her social accounts. She posts Beautiful pictures to make her fans happy.

63. Mr Battery (@mr_battery)

Ahmed Professionally Known as Mr. Battery is a Pakistani Tiktok Star, Content Creator, And Social Influencer from Karachi, Pakistan.

62. Taha Usman (@tahausman777)

Taha Usman is a Pakistani Tiktok Boy, Social Influencer, and Content Creator. He mostly Creates Emotional Video Content.

61. Waqar Bhinder (@waqa52)

Waqar Bhinder is a Pakistani Tiktok Star, Singer, Social Influencer, and Content Creator. He has a huge fan following on his social accounts and loves to chat with his fans. Give it a try by messaging him.

60. Jeevan Sultan Sial (@jeevansultan1)

Jeevan Sultan Sial is a Pakistani Tiktok Star, Social Influencer, and Content Creator. He loves to promote desi Pakistani culture through his videos.

59. Jugi Bhai (@jugijutt.72)

Jugi Bhai is a Pakistani Tiktok Star, Instagramer, Social Influencer,  Singer, and Vlogger on Youtuber. He is from Ghari Kandi, Punjab, Pakistan and he likes to promote village culture. He trying to influence village life through his digital Content.

58. Arooj Fatima (@fatemahhere_88) 

Arooj Fatima is a Pakistani Tiktok Star, Instagram Model, Influencer, and Vlogger on Youtuber. She was born on April 11, 1999 in Lahore, Pakistani and he is 25 Years Old in 2024.

57. Sid Mr. Rapper (@sidmr.rapper4)

Sid Mr. Rapper is a Pakistani Tiktok Star, Instagram Model, and Funny Content Creator. He was born on Jan 10, 1999 in Lahore, Pakistani and he is 25 Years Old in 2024.

56. Khalifa Khan (@_khalifa_khan_)

Khalifa Khan is a Pakistani social Influencer, Tiktok Star, Content Creator, and Instagram Model. He was born on 1 October 1997 in Swat, Kpk, Pakistan

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55. Naseer Baloch (@naseer_baloch_006)

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54. Hoor Mahaveera (@hoormahaveera)

Hoor Mahaveera is a Pakistani Punjabi TikTok Star, Youtube Content Creator, and Instagram Model. She was born on April 10 1990 in Lahore, Pakistan. She is 34 Years Old in 2024 and her zodiac sign is Aries.

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53.  Ali Khan – Ali Hyderabadi (@ali_khan110)

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52. Tuqeer Ahmed – Phoollu  (@Pholllu)

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51. Hafsa Khan (@hafsa._.khan1)

Hafsa Khan is a Pakistani  TikTok Star, Social Influencer, Content Creator, and Instagram model. She was born in Karachi on 9 November 2002

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50. Mehjabeen – Miss Wow  (@misswow69)

Mehjabeen is a Pakistani Fitness Model, Social Influencer, and Content Creator. She was born on 9 October 1998 in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

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49. The Amjad Twins (@Theamjadtwins)

The Amjad twins are digital media specialists turned content creators based in Karachi. They are the first twin female social media entertainers to have pursued stand-up comedy as a duo in Pakistan and also created a safe space for women through their digital magazine.

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48. Zulqarnain Sikandar (@ch.zulqarnain25)

Zulqarnain Sikandar is a Pakistani social influencer and content creator. He was born on May 25, 1998 in Lahore, Pakistan. He is the husband of Kanwal Aftab

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47. Romaisa Khan (@romaisa.khan._)

Romaisa Khan is a Pakistan Actress, Influencer, Social Media Star, and Content Creator. She was born on 18th September 2000 in Karachi, Pakistan

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46. Alishba Sheikh (@alishbashayk)

Alishba Sheikh is a Pakistan Model, Influencer, Social Media Star & Content Creator. She was born on May 31, 1999. She is  25 Years Old in 2024 and her Zodiac Sign is Gemini.

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45. Sheddat Ghaznavi (@Sheddat_Ghaznavi)

Sheddat Ghaznavi is an entrepreneur, business coach, and social media personality.

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44. Maira shah (@maira.shah)

Maira Shah is a Pakistani social influencer and social media star. She was born on April 29th, 1990, Sunday and her zodiac sign is Taurus

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43. Bhola Record (@nabeelakram57)

Bhola Record wearing black glasses
Bhola Record in grey shirt and Blue jeans
Bhola Record in hilly area and posing style for picture

Nabeel Akram known as Bhola Record is a Pakistani social media star,  Tiktok Star, and Content Creator.

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42. Dananeer Mobeen (@dananeerr)

Dananeer Mobeen is a famous Pakistani social influencer and blogger, who got famous after saying “Pawri Ho Rahi Hai” in her video which went viral.

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41. Umer Ladla (@umerladla537)

Umer Farooq is a Pakistani Social influencer and Content creator. He was born on 07 October 2001 in Muzafarabad, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

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40. Zeeshan Arshad (@Mian.Zish’)

Zeeshan Arshad is a famous Pakistani IT Sports Engineer, Social Influencer, and Content Creator. He was born on 01 Feb 1991 in Toba Tek Singh.

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39. Huzaifa Sharif (@teamb2_)

Huaifa is a Pakistani famous director, Music Producer, and Content creator. He has released songs Tere sadqy , barbie girl, eid any wali hai , and 50+. Songs went viral on social platforms and he earned huge fan followings after releasing his songs.

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38. Neha Hussain

Neha Hussain in yellow shirt and blue jeans
Neha Hussain taking her selfie in purple dress
Neha Hussain taking selfie in black dress

Pakistani social media star who is famous for her Nehahussain15 Instagram account. She has gained over 14k followers there for her lip-sync vignettes often made with

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37. Hussain Tareen (@hussaintareen)

Hussain Tareen is a famous Pakistani social media star and social influencer. He was born on 22 November 1997 in Hyderabad, Pakistan and his Zodiac Sign is Capricorn.

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36. Rebecca khan (@rabeecak)

Rebecca khan is a famous Pakistani female TikTok star and content creator. She was born on 27 September 1999 in Lahore, Pakistan and her zodiac sign is Libra.

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35. Arib Abbas (@aribabbas)

Arib Abbas is a Lahori rising star who gets fame through Tiktok he is famous for his beautiful colored eyes. He has a huge fan following on his social accounts.

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34. Sundal Khattak (@sundalkhattakofficial)

Sundal Khattak is a famous Pakistani social media celebrity and Social Influencer. She was born in Karachi, Pakistan and her zodiac sign is Horoscope.

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33. Silent Girl – Rimsha (@silntgirl0official)

Rimsha (Known as Silent girl) is a famous TikTok star from Sialkot. She was born on January 4th, 1997, Saturday and got popular through the statement “Bawa G Sialkot”.

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32. Ali Fayyaz Butt (@aalleey)

Ali Fayyaz Butt is a famous TikTok star, He was born on 14 Jan 1995 in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

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31. Aiman Khan (@aimankhan.official8)

Aiman Khan is a Pakistani television actress, Content creator, and Tiktok star. She was November 20, 1998 in Karachi, Pakistan.

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30. Nadeem Mubarak (@nadeemmubarakofficial)

Nadeem Mubarak is a famous TikTok Star, YouTuber, Influencer, Creator & Artist from Lahore, Pakistan. He got famous as Nani wala.

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29. Dolly Fashion (@dollyofficiall)

Dolly Fashion is a social influencer, TikTok Star, YouTuber, and content creator. She is well known because of her beauty saloon.

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28. Iqrar Ul Hassan (@syed.iqrar.ul.hassan)

Syed Iqrar Ul Hassan is a television presenter, newscaster, and journalist. He has worked at ARY News for many years. He is mainly famous for the show Sar e Aam.

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27. Minahil malik (@minahilmalik727)

Minahil Malik is a famous Pakistani social celebrity and Social Influencer. She was born on 28 July 1994 in Karachi, Pakistan.

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26. Yasir Hussain (@hussain.yasir)

Yasir Hussain is a screenwriter, playwright, and host from Islamabad best known for his comic roles. He was born on April 22, 1984 in Peshawar, Pakistan.

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25. Noor Hassan (@noorhassan17)

Noor Hassan Rizvi is a Libyan-Pakistani model, actor, and director. He was born on 16 May 1986 in Tripoli, Libya.

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24. Sehar Hayyat (@sehar_hayyat)

Sehar Hayyat is a Muslim Lahori famous TikTok star. She was born in Lahore, Pakistan on 14 August 1998.

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23. Rahim Pardesi (@rahimpardesi1)

Rahim Pardesi is a young Scottish-Asian man who owns a successful production company in Glasgow. He is a talented actor, dancer, and comedian.

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22. Malik Usman Asim (@usmanasim66)

Malik Usman Asim is a famous TikTok star from wazirabad, Pakistan. He is famous for his comedy videos and calls himself “famous molvi”.

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21. Hasham Ahmed (@hasham_ahmed07)

Hasham Ahmed is a Pakistani TikTok star. He is a rising star who is getting more and more fans each day. Fans love his creativity and energy.

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Hasham Ahmed wearing black jacket at park
Hasham Ahmed looking up in black background
Hasham Ahmed wearing white t shirt and holding black bag

20. Areeka Haq (@areeka__haq)

Areeka Haq is a Pakistani tiktok star. Her best work is lip-syncing on Bollywood songs. Her energetic work has made her fan follow more than 4 million.

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19. Umer Fayyaz Butt (@umereee)

Umer Fayyaz Butt is a famous Pakistani TikTok star. He was born on 28 April 1997 in Sargodha, Pakistan.

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18. Jannat Mirza (@jannatmirza)

Jannat Mirza is a popular TikTok star. She lives in Pakistan, Faisalabad. She is famous for her comedy video clips and lip-syncs.

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17. Alishba Anjum (@alishbahanjum)

Alishba Anjum is the famous Tik Tok Celebrity. She is an adorable Model and Actress. She is known for her gorgeous smile and elegant looks.

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16. Zahra Haidery (@zahrahaideryofficial)

Zahra Haidery started naat reading when she was 7 years old, then she got so much popularity. She reads naat on tv channels, youtube, and TikTok.

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15. Uzair ul Haq (@uzair3535)

Uzair ul Haq is a Pakistani social influencer and digital marketer. He was born on 3 October 1992 in Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan. His zodiac sign is Libra.

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Uzair ul haq is owning a grey suit and is looking at the camera
Uzair ul haq is wearing blue suit and red tie
Uzair ul haq is rocking a dark grey 3 piece suit and grey tie

14. Honey King HK (@honeykinghk)

Honey King Hk is a Famous Pakistani Rapper, Lyricist, Composer, Singer, Youtuber, Tiktok Star, and Founder of Asia’s RAP Studio Series.

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13. Hareem Shah – Fiza Hussain (@hareemshahofficialx)

Hareem Shah (Fiza Hussain) is a social influencer in Pakistan. She got famous and had national coverage for her scandalous videos regarding ministers and foreign ministry.

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12. Nouman Rizwan khan (@bboyjonty)

Nouman Rizwan khan is a young rising TikTok star with a huge fan following. His charismatic personality and charming looks is what makes his fan fall for him. He was born on February 2nd, 1998, Monday in Karachi, Pakistan.

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11. Mubeen Rehman (@mubeenrehman66)

Mubeen Rehman is a very famous TikTok star from Lahore with a very attractive face look. His main fan followings are females. He is a straight Punjabi Muslim guy.

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10. Ibrahim Butt (@ibrahimm007)

Ibrahim Butt is a young social influencer with charming witts. His creative work has given him much praise and attention.

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9. Anum Asad – Anum Fayyaz (@anumasad)

Anum Fayyaz is a famous Pakistani television actress and model with elegant looks. She has a huge fan following on her social accounts.

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Anum Fayaz in green shirt and black pant.
Anum Asad in beautiful dress
Anum Fayyaz in grey dress and wearing stunning jewelry

8. Hazeera (@hazeehra)

Hazeera is a Pakistani TikTok star and social influencer. She is funny and energetic. Her famous work is lip sync war with other TikTok stars.

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Hazeera wearing red dupatta (veil). She is looking intensely at side.
Hazeera wearing black shirt and smiling joyfully with hand on her cheek.
Hazeera being cute grumpy with her red lips and white shirt

7. Mansoor Kazmi (@its_m_kayy)

Mansoor is a Pakistani tiktok star. He is a rising star who is getting more and more fans each day. He was born on 11 September 1997 in Lahore, Pakistan. His fans love his creativity and energy videos.

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Mansoor Kazmi at business chair
Mansoor Kazmi in mountains wearing green jacket
Mansoor Kazmi in grey t shirt and blue pants in mountains

6. Pir Ahmed (@pirahmed)

Pir Ahmed is a famous TikTok star from Karachi, Pakistan with a verified account and he is very active and popular on his social Accounts.

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Pir Ahmed in white kurta and black printed shawal
Pir Ahmad in all black with wrist watch
Pir Ahmed in red and grey tshirt

5. Reeja Jeelani (@reejajeelani)

Reeja Geelani is a famous  Pakistani star, Actress, and Model. She was born on August 23, 2000 and her zodiac sign is Virgo

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Reeja Jeelani looking beautiful in black dress, long red nails and pink dupatta. She is looking at camera with her green eyes.
Reeja Jeelani Wearing black dress and black bangles
Reeja jeelani posing with her hand on her back and wearing black dress

4. Mj Ahsan – Buggs Bunny(@mjahsan20)

Mj Ahsan/Buggs Bunny is a Pakistani TikTok Star and social influencer. His main content is related to entertainment. He is known for his style and fashion. He was born on 30 Years Old in 2024 in Lahore, Pakistan and his zodiac sign is Aries.

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3. Pretty Alia (@prettyalia6)

Pretty Alia is a Pakistani TikTok star, who is famous for her entertainment video content. Her cute and rebellious personality is what fans love most. She was born on 26 Years Old in 2024 in Lahore and her zodiac sign is Pisces.

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Pretty Alia wearing green dress and exposing her shoulders. She is looking marvelous with her red lipstick and red nail polish Pretty alia wearing mehandi and smiling at camera Pretty alia in red lipstick with red nails
2. Pinky Francis (@pinkyfrancis)

Pinky Francis is a TikTok star and influencer from Karachi, Pakistan. She is known for her beauty, bold content, and lip-syncs. She is 31 Years Old in 2024 and her zodiac sign is leo.

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Pinky Francis looking cute in western dressing
Pinky Francis at port in blue pent shirt and white joggers
Pinky J Francis is looking beautiful in brown coat and black shirt & pent and she hold a black bag on her shoulder.

1. Kanwal Aftab (@kanwal.135)

Kanwal Aftab is a social media star, web news anchor, Tiktok Star, Content Creator, and vlogger.

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Kanwal Aftab wearing flower print blue dress with blue eyes near a tree
Kanwal Aftab wearing blue dress with her shoulders exposed
Kanwal Aftab in black t shirt and blue jeans

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who is the TikTok queen in Pakistan?

Janat Mirza is TikTok queen in Pakistan.

2. Who is Most Cute Tiktoker in Pakistan among boys?

According to our Poll on Twitter Umar Fayaz Butt is the cutest Tiktoker in Pakistan among boys.