List of Top Chinese Tiktok Influencers | Updated Stars 2023

List of Top Chinese Tiktok Influencers | Updated Stars

Liu Wen

Liu Wen is a Chinese Tiktok Star and model with beautiful Brown eyes. She was born January 27, 1988 (35 Years Old in 2023), in Yongzhou, China, and her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

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Liu Wen is looking cute in blue denim and she hold her bag. Liu Wen is looking at the camera and posing for a picture. Liu Wen is looking beautiful in black dress.

Jin Jun (@jin0801)

Jin jun is TikTok star from Shanghai, China. He is straight and has an interest in girls. He has a huge fan following of girls.

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Jin Jun wearing red dragon shirt and black Adidas trousers. Jin Jun looking handsome in his red jacket, black shirt and white trousers. Jin Jun in bathroom, wearing black t shirt

Maddi Koch

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Roy Hu

Ryan Lin

Towa Bird


Wen Huber

Owen Zhu

Adam Shi


Aleks Kost

Huang Xingyu

Regina Dayi

Cili Bling

Grandma Chainz

Vivian Aronson