The Best TikTok Challenges You Should Try

Have you ever wanted to get more followers on TikTok? There are a lot of TikTok challenges that you can start doing to attract new and exciting people. 


But what actually is a Tik Tok challenge?


It is a mobile social network that allows you to create and share short-length video clips. The app has over 1 billion total downloads, more than 10 million users have migrated to the platform.


There are numerous challenges going on right now where you put on a specific face filter and try to replicate a funny or interesting dance routine, which your followers can vote on.


TikTok has seen a surge of popularity in the past year. Lots of mainstream celebrities are on there, and even regular people have made a name for themselves with popular videos.


The hashtag and the challenges are getting viral day by day and you people might be looking to create brand awareness or just want to have some fun by using this feature.


Here are some Challenges Examples: 


1-Please Don’t Go

@graciefuchsupsunny day  🐥 @graciedudek♬ Please Don’t Go – Mike Posner

It is absolutely no coincidence that this TikTok Challenge is popular. Because it’s about pets. Any subject involving animals is definitely interesting. Cats were certainly among the breeds that Youtube made famous.


So what is this challenge about? In the first scene, we see people traveling normally in the car.


In the second frame, we see their hair wrapped. And their hair is flying because the windows are open.


It’s hard to explain. Try watching the video above.


2-Crowd Cheers


@aliciakeysWhen you get yourself and the kids dressed before 7:30am 🤣🤣🤣♬ Crowd Cheers – Johnny Buchanan

Our effort is not always appreciated in life. In fact, the effort is never appreciated. The results of the effort may be appreciated. so if the results are clear enough for the average person to understand. ..


But don’t worry.


Thanks to this sound effect, your every act will be appreciated. You just need to shoot your actions as tik tok videos.


3- Now Look At This


@knowtoriouslyIs he sure?? ##brosforever ##weddingfunny ##nowlookatthistoo♬ Day ‘n’ Nite – Kid Cudi

The concept of this challenge is actually as old as the internet itself. Users share funny and silly moments recorded on camera.


Just during that line of the song, the funny video starts. It’s really impressive that old concepts are getting popular again in creative ways.


4 – I hate all men

@charlidameliowhen i saw this trend going on i had to make a video for my dad thank you for being my biggest supporter since day one i love you @marcdamelio♬ paravi das cover of cloud 9 by beach bunny – paravi 💖🌻🦋✨

Yes, I know the title sounds vulgar. You may even ask why TikTok allows such rude sharing.


It’s allowed because it’s not as brutal as it looks. 

The video starts as in the title. However, he continues with the memories taken with the person he values most in his life.


Some users share their fathers, some users their husbands, but usually, boyfriends are shared.


A truly heartwarming series. Even though I scrolled for hours, I was not bored while watching the videos taken in this challenge.


5-Album Cover

@demasThe last one is my favourite 🤖 Which one is your favourite? ##albumcover ##albumcoverchallenge ##japan♬ Hiiipower x DIAND – Michael

Many challenges actually contain a hidden advertising campaign. But this is not one of them. It’s completely organic.


And it was a series where I once again realized how talented people are on the internet.


Just as iconic as albums are Album Covers. We all have our favorite album covers.


These covers are revived in this challenge. Some videos are exactly the same as the real thing, while others have a humorous twist.


But most of them are really worth watching.


6 – Track Stars

@herodwpart 2 *repost 🙄* ##fyp ##funny @jordond262 @princemoonjq add my snap heroicdw333♬ Track Star – Mooski

After seeing these videos on this TikTok, I realized that creativity is truly an endless array of possibilities. 15 minutes after saying what else could happen, a new idea emerges.


When this challenge starts, there is a timer on the screen. Within this 10-second countdown, you have to get out of the camera’s line of sight.


If you fail, you lose.

7-  Spacebar Challenge

@krentistthis was not intentional ##spacebarchallenge ##splashchallenge ##foryou♬ CatchTheSplashChallenge – robirawks

You need a computer to do this challenge. As you know, we all started working on computers during the pandemic. This is definitely a challenge that will make zoom rooms fun.


With the help of a spacebar counter, you show how many times you can press the spacebar. When I tried it myself, I did not get a very good result. But of course, there are people who take this situation too seriously and break records.




We have come to the end of this article. While I am publishing this article, I am sure that new Challenges have started.


If you want to build an audience on Tiktok, if you want to increase your follower count, Challenges can be a good start.


Of course, we are not in 2018 right now. Reaching people on Tik Tok isn’t as easy as it used to be, But compared to Instagram, it’s definitely still more democratic.


TikTok’s democratic structure forced even Instagram to democracy. With Instagram Reels, good content can reach more people.