Top Pakistani Onlyfans Models and Their Usernames

Desi Pakistani Onlyfans Models Usernames, Pictures, Social Accounts, Wikipedia, Biographies, and Leaked information that you don’t know before. This post specifically Lists all the  Contact details of Pakistani Onlyfans models. If you want to follow the hottest Pakistani models on Onlyfans then the post is for you.

List of all Pakistani Onlyfans Models and Their Usernames

1. Mahleej Sarkari (@mahleejs)

Mahleej Sarkari is a Pakistani Canadian citizen, Onlyfans model, Instagrammer, and winner of the Miss Pakistan World pageant in 2007. She was born on August 31, 1982 in Karachi Pakistan.

  • mahleejs
  • mahleejsarkari
  • Facebook: Mahleejsarkari
  • Instagram: @mahleejsarkari
  • Twitter: @mahleejsarkari

2. Viva Athena (@Vivaathena)

Viva Athena is an American-Asian actress & Onlyfans model, She was born on 7 October 1996 in Hong Kong, China. She has Slim body with tattoos on various parts like Shoulder, Legs and Backbone.

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3. Ashton Sutton (@ashtonsuttonxxx)

Ashton Sutton is a Pakistani-Canadian Onlyfans model, Tiktok Star, Content Creator on Youtube, Instagram Model, and verified p*rnhub Model. She love to smoke Hooka (Sheesha) with her friends.

  • Onlyfans: @ashtonsuttonxxx
  • Free Onlyfans: @missmeenaofficial
  • Reddit: Milfmeena/
  • Tik Tok: @misseenaofficial1

4. Miss Meena (@missmeenavip)

Tehmeena Afzal (Miss Meena) is a British-Pakistani Onlyfans Model, Tiktok Star, and Instagram Model She was born on August 11, 1980 in Pakistan and Got her Education from the New York Institute of Technology.

  • Onlyfans: @missmeenavip
  • Free Onlyfans: @missmeenaofficial
  • Reddit: Milfmeena/
  • Tik Tok: @misseenaofficial1

5. Pakistani Ria (@pakistani_ria)

Pakistani Ria is a British-Pakistani Onlyfans Model and Content Creator. She was born on Manchester, England. Ria’s Ethnicty is Desi and her Parents Belongs to Pakistan. She have a Slim Body with Black Hairs and Black Eyes. She has a tattoo on left shoulder that says “Mr Right or Mr Right Now..”

  • Onlyfans: @pakistani_ria
  • Twitter: @ria_officailXXX

6. Maya Khan – Priya Fendi (@mayakhanuk)

Maya Khan or better known as Priya Fendi is a Pakistani-British Onlyfans Model, Content Creator & Tweeter. Priya Fendi is a slim girl with a tattoo on her flat belly. She is 24 Years Old in 2024 and her zodiac sign is Cancer. She has Onlyfans and other social accounts with username @priyafendi then after her instagram got deleted. She came back with her original name Maya Khan and rebrand her all social account usernames. She love to smoke and intake alcohol weekly.

  • OnlyFans: @mayakhanuk
  • Twitter: @MAYAKHAN_VIP
  • Deleted OnlyFans: @priyafendi

7. Sher (@sherxual)

Sher is an American-Pakistani Curvy Onlyfans Model, Tweeter, and Content Creator. She call her self pakistani princess and Currently Resident of Maryland, USA.

  • OnlyFans: @sherxual
  • Twitter: @sherxual_
  • Instagram: @therealsherxual

8. Zara (@the_czars_ass)

Zara is a Pakistani-Canadian Onlyfans Model, Instagram Model, Tweeter, and Content Creator She is a real natural beauty without any makeup. She gives a natural girlfriend experience on her OnlyFans Pakistan page. She is Ex-Muslim and Mom (Children not Discourse).

  • Tiktok: @girl_got_cake
  • Instagram:
  • Second Instagram: @butt.hells
  • Twitter: butthells
  • Fansly: caramel_tits

9. Anisa – Nisa Nisha Tee (@uncensoredbitch)

Nisha Tee (Nisa) or better known as Anisa is a Scottish-Pakistani Onlyfans Model, Tweeter & Content Creator. She has a mixed-race from Pakistan and Scotland. She has natural body and loves to upload beautiful Pictures on her Social Accounts.

  • Twitter: @nisateex
  • Onlyfans: @uncensoredbitch

10. Sahar (@sahabby)

Sahar is a Pakistani Desi Punjabi Bi Girl, Onlyfans Content Creator, Instagram Model & Vip Snapchat Snapper. She was born on 5 April in Pakistan. She is 25 Years Old in 2024 and her zodiac sign is Aries.

  • Twitter: @sahabbyyy
  • Instagram: @sahabbyxox
  • Reddit: Saharbbyy
  • Snapchat: @asiaahxox

11. Aysh Godess (@ayshgodess)

Aysh Godess is a Pakistani-British Onlyfans Model, Financial Controller, Crypto Invester, Tweeter and Content Creator. She is Currently Living in London, England.

  • Twitter: @ayshgodess
  • Onlyfans: @ayshgodess

12. Zara Sutra – Praise Priyanka

Zara Sutra is a Hairy Pakistani Onlyfans Model. She is currently living in Uk and Running her own website parallel with only fans. She also makes Muslim getups to get more views and attract the audience. She uses this quote “I’m very halal in the streets, but totally haram in the sheets.” in every social Media

13. Aaliyah Yasin – That British Girl

Aaliyah Yasin (That British Girl) is Pakistani-British Muslim Onlyfans Model, Youtuber, and Fansly Content Creator. Her only fan’s video got leaked on facebook and she got viral in Pakistan.

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