AI Gone Wrong: TikTok Pulls New Tool After Controversy Over Hitler Content

TikTok’s recent launch of AI avatars, part of its Symphony ad solutions suite, faced severe backlash after it was discovered that the AI could generate unmoderated and unmarked videos, including recitations of excerpts from Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.” This alarming capability was brought to light by CNN’s Jon Sarlin, prompting immediate concerns from experts and users.

Symphony Launch and AI Capabilities

At TikTok World 2024, TikTok introduced Symphony, a suite of generative AI-powered ad solutions, including Symphony Digital Avatars and AI Dubbing for global translations. Symphony aimed to enhance content creation, allowing businesses, creators, and agencies to blend human creativity with AI efficiency.

Pulling the AI Tool

In response to the controversy, TikTok swiftly pulled the AI tool from its platform. The company emphasized its commitment to creating a safe and positive environment, highlighting the importance of moderation and ethical AI use.


TikTok’s move to remove the problematic AI tool underscores the need for stringent oversight and moderation in AI technologies, ensuring they contribute positively to user experience without compromising ethical standards.

July 17, 2024

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June 27, 2024

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June 25, 2024

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June 24, 2024

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