Tiktok celebrity Hareem Shah and Sheikh Rasheed’s scandal

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    Hareem shah is a star tik tok celebrity of Pakistan. Her stardom fast-paced when her controversies with other celebrities and frequent appearances with political personalities surfaced the internet. And again she is the center of a scandal, this time with the railway minister of Pakistan Mr. Sheikh Rasheed.

    How it all began

    On 26th of December 2019, a twitter account named “official_hareem” claimed to be Hareem Shah and uploaded a video. In the video, she can be seen video calling Mr. Sheikh Rasheed and then calling him out for talking to him without clothes, in the past. Upon listening to these words, the call ended by Mr. Sheikh Rasheed.

    After this leak, a few hours later, the account again calls out the railway minister by saying, “shaikh sab hun Araaam e ?”

    First plot twist

    After all this episode some hours passed, and the same account seemed to be confused about what’s going on? And why the media is covering her?

    Later the account shared a video of Hareem Shah talking related to the controversy and denying any relation with it.

    The story continues

    After Hareem Shah’s video denying relation with the scandal was uploaded, multiple people started to come out with their conclusion that the voice, in the scandal video, isn’t of Hareem shah’s. Since Hareem Shah has mentioned multiple times that her only social media platforms are Tiktok and Instagram, it seemed more and more likely that the video can be fake, and the star’s name is being misused here.

    It is worth noting since Hareem Shah is a favourite target of controversies, there were also different twitter accounts claiming to be Hareem shah who caused controversy. One such famous scandal was the leaked video of Pakistan’s cricketer Shaheen Shah Afridi.

    Things get a little bit more interesting

    During this, all episodes, Hareem Shah and her friend Sundal Khattak (who is also a tiktok celebrity) appeared to clarify that Hareem had no link to the leak but they claimed that the video call of Mr. Sheikh Rasheed in the video was real.
    Now the things were getting confusing, and they were about to get more intense.
    Mr. Waqar Zaka, famous for his work on similar topics, stepped in. With him, Hareem and Sundal Khattak spilled some major tea about the controversy.

    They said, that Sheikh Rashid asked them to meet him. He asked this during a video call. They mentioned that they recorded the call because they felt a threat to their security. This aforementioned video wasn’t uploaded. Furthermore, they threatened leakage of such video by saying they want to expose some hypocrites in the PTI.
    In the interview with Waqar Zaka, Hareem Shah once again stressed on having no social media platform other then Tiktok and Instagram.

    You can watch the interview here:


    Second plot twist

    Recently a piece of news surfaced that Hareem Shah has applied for Canadian citizenship on grounds of seeking asylum. No word has been said by Hareem shah at the moment. If it is true, it raises many questions. Why do she need asylum? Who is threatening her? Since she doesn’t have a twitter account, how efficient are cyber laws of Pakistan?


    With all these spices added in the controversy, there are so many questions. Who keeps on targeting Hareem Shah? Is it all a complex negative publicity stunt? Is there some part of the picture we are missing? Will there be another plot twist? Why is, Railway minister of Pakistan, Sheikh Rasheed video calling her?
    We will let the time answer these questions.