Top 112 Indian Onlyfans Models and Their Usernames

Top Indian Onlyfans Models and Their Usernames

Desi Indian Onlyfans Models Usernames, Pictures, Social Accounts, Wikipedia, Biography and Leaked information that you don’t know before. This post is specifically Lists all the  Contact details of Indian-Onlyfans models. If you want to follow the hottest Indian models on Onlyfans then the post is for you.

List of all Indian Onlyfans Models and Their Usernames

1. Poonam Pandey (@poonampandeytv)

Poonam Pandey Indian Onlyfans Model

Poonam Pandey is an Indian Onlyfans Model, Social influencer, and actress. She is famous for her work in Bollywood and Telugu cinema.

  • Poonam Pandey Tiktok ID: @ipoonampandey
  • Poonam Pandey Facebook ID: @iPoonampandey11
  • Poonam Pandey Instagram ID: @ipoonampandey
  • Poonam Pandey Twitter ID: @iPoonampandey
  • Poonam Pandey Onlyfans ID: @poonampandeytv

2. Latika Jha (@latika_jha_xxx)

Latika Jha Indian Onlyfans Model

Latika Jha is an Indian Onlyfans Model, Content Creator, and Social influencer. She was born on April 16, 1998  and she is 26 Years Old in 2024.

  • Latika Jha Instagram ID: @latikajha_off
  • Latika Jha Onlyfans ID: @latika_jha_xxx

3. Shilpa Sethi (@babydollll)

Shilpa Sethi Indian Onlyfans Model

Shilpa Seith (Ms. Sethi) is an Indian Model, Content Creator, Tv Host, Dubai Fitness Trainer, and Social influencer. She was born on January 09, 1992 in Kolkata, India, and she is 32 Years Old in 2024.

  • Shilpa Sethi Instagram ID: @ms.sethii
  • Shilpa Sethi Onlyfans ID: @babydollll

4. Scarlett Rose (@scarlettmrose)

Scarlett Rose Indian Onlyfans Model

Scarlett M. Rose is an Indian Model, Actress, Dancer, Entrepreneur, MTV Splitsvilla 7 Winner, Content Creator, and Social influencer. She was November 28, 1991 in Kolkata, India, and she is 32 Years Old in 2024.

  • Scarlett Rose Instagram ID: @scarlettmrose
  • Scarlett Rose Onlyfans ID: @scarlettmrose

5. Anjali Gaud (@gaudanjali)

Anjali Gaud Indian Onlyfans ModelAnjali Gaud is an Indian model and Social Influencer. She was born on the 5th of April in Mumbai, India and she is 26 Years Old in 2024

  • Anjali Gaud Instagram ID: @anjaligaud69
  • Anjali Gaud Onlyfans ID: @gaudanjali

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6. Tanu Priya (@tanupriya_4ever)

Tanu Priya Indian Onlyfans Model

  • Tanu Priya Instagram ID: @tanupriya_4ever
  • Tanu Priya Onlyfans ID: @tanupriya_4ever

Read Her Biography: Tanu Priya Biography

7. Annie Sharma (@bossgirlanniee)

Annie Sharma Indian Onlyfans Model

Annie Sharma is an Indian spectacular model, Onlyfans model, and an emerging actor

  • Annie Sharma Instagram ID: @bossgirlanniee
  • Annie Sharma Onlyfans ID: @bossgirlanniee

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8. Anjali Kara (@anjalikara_of)

Anjali Kara is a British Indian Onlyfans model, Wife, Content Creator, Brand Ambassador, and Investor.

  • Anjali Kara Twitter ID: @anjalikara
  • Anjali Kara Onlyfans ID: @anjalikara_of

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9. Sofia Hayat (@sofiahayat)

Sofia Hayat is an Indian Onlyfans model, singer, actress, and television personality. She participated in Bigg Boss 7 in 2013.

  • Sofia Hayat Instagram ID: @sofiahayat
  • Sofia Hayat Onlyfans ID: @sofiahayat

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10. Sherlyn Chopra (@officialsherlynchopra)

Sherlyn Chopra is an Indian actress and model who worked in Hindi films. In July 2012, Chopra became the first Indian woman to pose nude for Playboy magazine.

  • Sherlyn Chopra Instagram ID: @sherlynchopraofficial
  • Sherlyn Chopra Onlyfans ID: @officialsherlynchopra

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11. Priya Anjali Rai (@Priyaanjalirai)

Priya Anjali Rai (Anjeli Sipe) is American-Indian Onlyfans model, Eroric Instagram Model, and Content Creator. She was born on December 25, 1977 in New Delhi, India, and Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

  • Priya Anjali Rai Twitter ID: @priyaanjalirai
  • Priya Anjali Rai Facebook ID: @PriyaAnjaliRaiIndia

Read Her Biography: Priya Anjali Rai Biography

12. Sahara Knite (@saharaknite)

Sahara Knite (Hijabi Bhabhi) is a British-Indian Content Creator, Model, and actress. She was born on February 4, 1975 in Gujarat, India and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Her original name is Saeeda Vorajee and her name meaning is Lucky

  • Sahara Knite Instagram ID: @saharakniteishijabibhabhi
  • Sahara Knite Onlyfans ID: @hijabibhabhi
  • Sahara Knite Free Onlyfans ID: Free Sahara Onlyfans

Read Her Biography: Sahara Knite Biography

13. Persia Pele (@persiapele)

Persia Pele (Marjon Faritous) is Iranian- Indian Onlyfans model, Instagram Model, and Content Creator. She was born on August 8, 1982 in Tehran, Iran, and Her zodiac sign is Leo

  • Persia Pele Twitter ID: @IamPersiaPele

Read Her Biography: Persia Pele Biography

 14. Guju Bear (@gujubear)

Guju Bear is an Indian Gujarati-Bristish Aunty Onlyfans model, Instagram Fitness Model, and Content Creator.
  • Guju Bear Instagram ID: @gujubear

 15. Priya Y – Priya Young (@priya_y)

Priya Young Indian-Europian Onlyfans Model, Content Creator, and Social influencer. She was born on 19 February 1989 in Epsom, Surrey, England. She also has Free Only Fans Account, Check her biography to find free onlyfans Account.

Read Her Biography: Priya Young Biography

16. Kiran Hayer (@Kiranhayer)

Kiran Hayer is an Indian-British Onlyfans Model, Content Creator, and Social influencer.

  • Kiran Haye Fansly ID: @KiranHayer
  • Kiran Haye Twitter ID: @kiranboobs
  • Kiran Haye Onlyfans ID: @Kiranhayer

17. Serena Mann (@Serenamann)

Serena Kaur Mann is a British-Indian Punjabi Onlyfans Model, Content Creator, and Social influencer.

  • Serena Kaur Mann Fansly ID: @serenamann
  • Serena Kaur Mann Twitter ID: @SerenaMann69
  • Serena Kaur Mann Tiktok ID: @SerenaMann69
  • Serena Kaur Mann Instagram ID: @indianserenamann

18. Viva Athena (@Vivaathena)

Viva Athena is an American-Indian actress & model, born on 7 October 1996.

  • Viva Athena Instagram ID: @followvivaathena
  • Viva Athena Onlyfans ID: @Vivaathena

Read Her Biography: Viva Athena Biography

19. Kali Sudhra (@Kali_Sudhra)

Kali Sudhra is an American-Indian Onlyfans model, Actress, and Social Media Star. She was born on May 27, 1987 in Turtle Island, Ohio, United States.

  • Kali Sudhra Instagram ID: 
  • Kali Sudhra Onlyfans ID: @Vivaathena

Read Her Biography: Kali Sudhra Biography

20. Priyanka Ares – Brown Barbie (@babygirlp_)

Priyanka Ares is Indian OnlyFans Model, Social Influencer, and Actress. She was born on January 18 1992 in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

  • Priyanka Ares Instagram ID: @priyankaares
  • Priyanka Ares Onlyfans ID: @babygirlp_

Read Her Biography: Priyanka Ares Biography

21. Jayshri Wagad – Dope Girl 604 (@dopegirl604)

22. Kat Aphrodisiac (@kat.aphrodisiac)

Kat Aphrodiac is an Indian Onlyfans model is don’t want to use her real name in public rather she uses a fake stage name with no meaning. She is super active on her account and always tries to make her followers happy.

23. Rosalia (@therosaliaxo)

24. Sav Pillai – Red Dot Bitch (@reddotbitch)

25. Tanvi Khaleel – Ur Indian Bae (@urindianbae)

26. Marina Maya (@denimonthesidewalk)

Marina Maya is a British-Indian Actress, Social Influencer, Content Creator, and Model. She was born on February 14, 1991 in London, United Kingdom.

  • Marina Maya Instagram ID: @marinaxmaya1
  • Marina Maya Free Onlyfans ID: Yes, Check Biography

Read Her Biography: Marina Maya Biography

27. Adhara Skai – The Start of Us (@thestartofus)

Adhara Skai is an Indian Erotic Model, Social Influencer, and Digital Content Creator. She loves to post beautiful pictures on her social media.

  • TheStartofus Instagram ID: @thestartofusofficial
  • TheStartofus Twitter ID: @_thestartofus

28. YourPriya (@YourPriya)

Priya is an Indian Actress, Model, and Digital Adult Content Creator. She Mostly Makes Cosplay Videos Like Bhabhi, Devar, Biwi, and so on

  • YourPriya Twitter ID: @priya_your
  • YourPriya Sheer ID: @yourpriya

29. Ishka S – Karismatic (@Kasimatic)

Karismatic is an Indian Curvy Erotic Model Karismatic Real name is Karishma and Her Nickname is Ishka S.

  • Karismatic Twitter ID: @karismatixxx
  • Karismatic Second Onlyfans ID: @ishka.s

30. Rakhi Gill (@iamrakhi)

  • Rai Blunt Twitter ID: @iamrakhigill
  • Rai Blunt Instagram ID: @Rakhigillofficial

31. Rai blunt (@raiblunt)

Rai Blunt is an Indian-American Social Media, Onlyfans Model, and Content Creator. She was born 7th July, 2000 in the United States of America. She is 23 Years Old in 2024 and the zodiac is Cancer.

  • Rai Blunt Twitter ID: @raiblunt
  • Rai Blunt Instagram ID: @raiblunt

32. Kaira Nisha – Bad Girl Kaira (@badgirlxkaira)

Kaira Nisha is an Indian-American Social Media, Onlyfans Model, and Content Creator.

  • Kaira Nisha Tiktok ID: @badgirlxkaira
  • Kaira Nisha Friends 2 Follow ID: @kaira

33. Miss Rekha Boj (@rekhabojstar)

Miss Rekha Boj is an actress in South Indian films such as Rangeela, Love in Vizag, and more. She was born on September 30, 1998 in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.

  • Miss Rekha Boj Instagram ID: @rekhaboj
  • Miss Rekha Boj Twitter ID: @rekha_boj

34. Mini Richard (@MiniRichard)

Mini Richard is an Indian Mini Richard Model, Actress, Dancer, and Onlyfans Star. She was born in Kottayam, Kerala in a middle-class Christian family.

  • Mini Richard Twitter ID: @minirichard1
  • Mini Richard Instagram ID: @mini_richard

35. Goddess Priya Moore – Indian Kitten (@madampriyamoore)

Indian Kitten (Priya Moore) is an Indian-American Social Media, Onlyfans Model, and Content Creator.

  • Priya Moore/Indian Kitten Twitter ID: @MadamPriyaMoore
  • Priya Moore/Indian Kitten Instagram ID: @madampriyamoore
  • Priya Moore/Indian Kitten Fansly ID: @MadamPriyaMoore

36. Preeti Young (@Preeti_Young)

Preeti Young is a British glamour model with Indian and Irish heritage. She has a twin called Preeti Young and often works with her. She was born on 10 February 1989 in Epsom, Surrey, England.

  • Preeti Young Instagram ID: @Preeti.young_
  • Preeti Young Onlyfans ID: @Preeti_Young

Read Her Biography: Preeti Young Biography

37. Resmi R Nair (@resminair)

Resmi R Nair is an Indian Model from Kerala the southern state of India.

  • Resmi R Nair Instagram ID: @resmi_r_nair_devotee
  • Resmi R Nair Twitter ID: @resmi_r_nair

38. Brittney Kakalia (@brittneykakalia)

39. Kayla Kapoor (@innocentbeauty2000)

Kayla Kapoor is an Indian-American Instagram star, adult model, and social media influencer. She was born on August 31, 2000 in India. She is 23 Years Old in 2024 and Her zodiac sign is Virgo.

40. Pay Goddess Sanjali (@Paygoddessanjali)

  • Punjab Beauty Twitter ID: @AnjaliGoddess

41. Priyanka (@babygirlp_)

  • Priyanka Twitter ID: @dearpriyanka_

42. Sam Singh (@xsamsinghxvip)

  • Sam Singh Free Onlyfans ID: @xsamsinghx
  • Sam Singh Twitter ID: @xsamsinghx
  • Sam Singh Tiktok ID: @xsamsinghx
  • Sam Singh Instagram ID: xsamsinghx2
  • Sam Singh Snapchat ID: xsamsinghx

43. Goddess Teela (@goddessteela)

  • Goddess Teela Twitter ID:@goddessteela

44. SIG Supreme Indian Goddess (@indiangoddesses)

  • SIG Supreme Indian Goddess Twitter ID: @sigoddess222

45. Mistress Rogue (@mistressrogue)

  • Mistress Rogue Twitter ID:@mistressroguefl
  • Mistress Rogue Free Onlyfans ID:@thedomhouse

46. Serena Sahir NYC (@serenasahirnyc)

47. Queen Bella 8 (@queen_bella8)

  • Queen Bella Twitter ID:@Bellamfc

48. Empress Aundrea (@only_empress_aundrea)

49. Priya Singh (@priyababyxx)

  • Priya Singh Sextpanther ID:@priyasinghxxx
  • Priya Singh Tiktok ID:@priyasinghxxx
  • Priya Singh Free Onlyfans ID:@priyasinghxxx
  • Priya Singh Fansly ID:@priyababyxo

50. Mya Mula Goddess (@myamulagoddess)

51. Nastiya Roy (@nastiya)

52. A Gabrielle (@agabrielle)

53. Tssa Brina Anndrey (@tssabrinaanndrey)

  • Sabrina Anndrey Twitter ID: @sabrinaanndrey
  • Sabrina Anndrey Instagram ID: @andreyafirstlove
  • Sabrina Anndrey Second Instagram ID: @andreayalizmond

54. Natasha Kaur (@natashakaur)

55. Shruti Viswan (@shrutiviswan)

56. Sandy Bhabi (@sandybhabi)

57. Victoria (@victoriaxo)

58. Yasmeena (@yasmeenaxxx)

59. Nina Hadid (@ninahadid)

60. Soul Sensual (@soulsensual)

61. Indian Baddie 91 (@indianbaddie91)

62. Rosie Radley (@rosieradley)


64. Pocket Brit (@pocketbritxx)

[media-credit id=”1″ align=”aligncenter” width=”1200″][/media-credit]

Pocket Brit is an Indian-British Onlyfans BBW Content Creator, Instagram Model and Tiktok Star. She was born on 31 July 1992 and she is 31 Years Old in 2024.

  • Snapchat: Pocketbritxx
  • Tiktok: @Pocketbritxx
  • Free Onlyfans: Pocketbritxxfree
  • Twitter: Pocketbritxx

65. Desi Girl 181 (@desigirl181)

[media-credit id=”1″ align=”aligncenter” width=”1200″][/media-credit]

66. Miss Gin 666 (@missgin666)

67. Kiko Model (@kiko_model)

68. Ariana XO (@arianaxo)

70. Indian Spice Suger (@indianspicensuger)

71. Nay Fit 1 (@nayfit1)

72. Brown Girl 69 (@curvybrowngirl69)

73. Viva Shiva-  Chica Indian (@chicaindian)

74. Delicious Divya (@deliciousdivya)

[media-credit id=”1″ align=”aligncenter” width=”1200″][/media-credit]

75. Doutzen (@vipdoutzenxo)

76. Kayla Marie (@bb_kaylamarie)

Kayla Marie Bulstrode is a Fashion Blogger, Beauty Icon, Lifestyle Model, TikTok Star and YouTube.

77. Punjab Beauty (@punjabbeautygirl)

Punjab beauty is British-Indian Onlyfans Model. She Moved from India to the UK At 25 age.

  • Punjab Beauty Free Onlyfans ID: @punjabbeauty

79. Black Daisy (@blackdaisy)

80. Bad Jatti (@badjatti)

81. Naomi Hufton XO (@naomihuftonxo)

Naomi Hufton is an Indian-British Tattoo Onlyfans Content Creator and Model. She is also operates her twitter account (@NaomiHufton).

82. Aayes Shaka Khan (@aayeshakhan)

83. Khainsaw Cosplay (@khainsawcosplay)

Khainsaw (chainsaw) is a Half Indian and Half Irish. She is Arizona cosplayer, Onlyfans Model, Instagram Model, Twitch streamer and Cosplay tutorials Content Creator.

84. Love Linny (@lovelinny)

85. Savage Steph (@savagesteph)

86. Exotic Indian Rami (@exoticindianrani)

Rami  is an Indian Exotic TS Tattoo Model – British born. She doesn’t operate any social account other the Onlyfans.

87. Spicy Indian 26 (@spicyindian26)

88. Brown and Hairy (@brownandhairy)

89. Sophie Hart TV (@sophieharttv)

90. Katherrine Rodriguez (@kathycr)

91. Anjali (@anjali)

92. Naia Desaqua – Azzy Atticus (@naiadesaqua)

93. Nut for Nikita (@nutfornikita)

Nikita is an Indian nympho onlyfans Model and exotic pre-med college student.

She operates multiple social Platforms like

  • Twitter: nutfornikita
  • Twitter Backup Account: nutwithnikita
  • Reddit: @nutfornikita

95. Nasty Nez – Raelynn Inez (@nastyynez)


96. Its Momos Sweeter than Sweet (@itsmomosweeterthansweet)

Momo is an indian Onlyfans Content Creator, Bikinis Model and Instagrammer. She also operates instagram (username: @peachesformomo) and twitter (username: @Momosweetflower)

98. Indian Hottie 91 (@indianhottie91)

Indian Hottie 91 is an Indian-British Expensive, alluring, enthralling and addictive Onlyfans Model. She operate twitter under than onlyfans and her twitter username is @indianhottie96

99. Brown and Trans (@brownandtrans)

100. Iivyy League (@iivyyleague)

Iivyy League is an Mexican-Indian Adult Model and Onlyfans Content Creator. She is living in Houston, Texas, USA and her instagram username is @iivyyleague_

101. Brown Butter 25 (@brownbutter25)

Brown Butter is an Indian-Canadian Adult Model and Onlyfans Content Creator. She got viral when her pictures got leaked on mulitple tube websites. She like wine and teasing boys.

102. Aaliya Patel – Little Aaliyah (@lola.aaliyah)

Aaliya Patel (Lola Aaliyah) is an Indian Asian princess, Tattooed Model, Tiktok Star, Instagram Bikini Model and Onlyfans Content Creator.

103. Scarlett Wilson (@scarlettwilson)

Scarlett Mellish Wilson is a London-borned, Indian Actress, Model, and Dancer. She was born on 9 May 1989 in Folkestone, United Kingdom. She married to Pravesh Rana in 2016 and she is 35 Years Old in 2024.

104. Mayy Ghha (@mayyghha)

Megha Thakur (Proffessionally known as Mayy Ghha) is an indian-american fashion Model, Instagramer, Tiktok Star, and Onlyfans Content Creator. She was born on 17 July 2001 in Indore, India. She is 22 Years Old in 2024 and her zodiac sign is Cancer.

105. East Indian Teena – Teena Kaur (eastindianteena)

106. Samantha Ava (@samanthaavavip)

Samantha Ava (Sam) is an Indian- American Onlyfans model. She is don’t run any public social media other than Onlyfans. She is living in Bali’s small towns but she is a proud resident of California, America.

107. Indian Diva (@indian_diva)

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) about Indian Onlyfans Models

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a social media platform that allows users to create and sell content, such as photos, videos, and live streams. The platform is popular with sex workers, who use it to sell explicit content to subscribers.

What are Indian OnlyFans models?

Indian OnlyFans models are women from India who create and sell explicit content on the OnlyFans platform. They are a diverse group of women, with different body types, ethnicities, and interests.

Is OnlyFans legal in India?

The legality of OnlyFans in India is a complex issue. The platform is not explicitly banned in India, but it does violate some of the country’s laws. For example, Section 67 of the Indian Information Technology Act makes it illegal to transmit “any obscene or indecent” content through a computer resource. This could potentially apply to OnlyFans content, as some of the content on the platform could be considered obscene or indecent.

Why are Indian OnlyFans models so popular?

There are a few reasons why Indian OnlyFans models are so popular. First, India has a large population of young people, who are more likely to use social media platforms like OnlyFans. Second, Indian culture is becoming more accepting of sex work, which is making it easier for women to create and sell explicit content. Finally, OnlyFans is a relatively new platform, which means that there are still many opportunities for Indian models to make money.

What are some of the benefits of being an Indian OnlyFans model?

Indian OnlyFans models can enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Financial freedom: OnlyFans models can earn a significant amount of money, which can give them financial freedom.
  • Flexibility: OnlyFans models can set their own hours and work from anywhere in the world.
  • Creativity: OnlyFans models can be creative and express themselves in their content.

Is it safe to be an Indian OnlyFans model?

It is important for Indian OnlyFans models to take steps to protect themselves, such as:

  • Using a strong password and two-factor authentication
  • Being careful about who they share their personal information with
  • Not meeting with subscribers in person
  • Reporting any suspicious activity to OnlyFans

By taking these steps, Indian OnlyFans models can help to protect themselves from potential risks.